Astor celebrated in Latin America

A rich musical and cultural agenda was developed in different Latin American countries to honor Astor Piazzolla on his 100th Anniversary

  • Perú: The Gran Teatro Nacional and the Teatro del Bicentenario de San Juan-Argentina presented the Opera-Tango María de Buenos Aires.
  • Uruguay: At the Auditorio Nacional del Sodre, Montevideo, the festivities began with the National Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Stefan Lano, who performed a repertoire dedicated exclusively to Piazzolla. In addition, the National Chamber Music Ensemble arrived at the Vaz Ferreira Auditorium to present the show Libertango.
  • Ecuador: The Loja Symphony Orchestra presented its III Season Concert at the Benjamín Carrión Mora Theater in that city, where the interpretation of two of the great works of the Argentine musician stood out: Tanzago and LIbertango.
  • México: The radio station of the University of Guadalajara premiered the Astor series, with the narration of Javier Montiel, violinist of the Latin American Quartet who has recorded most of his work. In 8 chapters, the series recounts highlights of his work, with a musical selection performed by said Quartet and some special guests.
  • Venezuela: A musical evening that included the participation of the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Elisa Vegas, the Argentine Embassy in that country celebrated the centenary of Astor Piazzolla. The evening had the avant-garde spirit that characterized the Maestro through the Kowanä-Pe recital in Buenos Aires (a phrase that in the Pemón language means Sunset in Buenos Aires) that combined the ancestral Venezuelan sounds with the music of the Argentine genius. The concert had as special guests the Canaima Coral Symphony.
  • Panamá: “El Tango” Glamor y Arrabal is the name of the third Virtual Recital of the “Camerata Panamá Online 2021” series by maestro Joel Arias who presented a varied repertoire of tango, playing music in honor of Piazzolla.
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