Chapter 9: “Buenos Aires already has a new song, and it’s Balada para un loco”. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1969.

This series of chapters tells the story of Astor in a dialogue he had with his daughter Diana. In 11 chapters, Piazzolla tells us the main milestones of his life, from his childhood to 1986:

“As a child prodigy I had nothing” (Chapter 1),

“I don’t know what I would have been without my dad” (Chapter 2)

“I fell in love with music for the first time in my life at 16 years old” (Chapter 3)

Getting to Buenos Aires (Chapter 4)

“Adiós Tango” (Chapter 5)

“The Revolution Begins” (Chapter 6)

“Quintet Debut” (Chapter 7)

María de Buenos Aires “beautiful artistic experience, but an economic failure” (Chapter 8)

Periodically we will upload the missing chapters.

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