Gala in tribute to Astor Piazzolla at the Colón Theater

In the main hall of the Teatro Colón, a series of galas will be held from March 5 to 20, 2021 to revive the legendary Astor Piazzolla concert in 1983.

These galas bring together musicians and groups of all times: the Colón Stable Orchestra, the Electric Piazzolla Project, the Emilio Balcarce Tango Orchestra, the Astor Piazzolla Quintet; Horacio Lavandera (piano) with the Camerata Bariloche, Escalandrum, Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra with the Nine Ensemble, and the participation of hundreds of outstanding musicians, among which are Amelita Baltar, Susana Rinaldi, Néstor Marconi, Teresa Parodi and Pedro Ignacio Calderón, Enrique “Zurdo” Roizner and Horacio Malvicino and Daniel Binelli. This program has the artistic curatorship of Daniel “Pipi” Piazzolla, the Musical Coordination of Nicolás Guerschberg, the Production of Carlos Villalba and Horacio Sarria and is sponsored by the Astor Piazzolla Foundation.
It should be noted that, on March 11, the centenary of Piazzolla’s birth, Escalandrum will preview songs from his new tribute album “100” and will share the stage with Chango Spasiuk, Gustavo Bergalli, Elena Roger, Jairo and Raúl Lavié. At the Gala on March 12, the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra will perform a tribute to the legendary concert of ’83 together with Conjunto Nueve. Directed by Pedro Ignacio Calderón, invited especially because he was the same one who led the Philharmonic of that one, it will have the special participation of two Astor musicians: Enrique “Zurdo” Roizner on drums and Horacio Malvicino on Electric Guitar, to which Daniel Binelli will join , his solo bandoneonist

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