The Chamber of Deputies honors Astor Piazzolla

Deputies join the tributes to Piazzolla who "pursuing a dream, became universal."

Deputies join the tributes to Piazzolla who “pursuing a dream, became universal.”

With a digital sample and Concerts throughout the year, the Chamber of Deputies joins the celebrations for the Centennial of the Revolutionary of Tango.

“Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Astor Piazzolla is to honor the life and work of a brilliant Argentine who brought our popular music and the feeling of cultured music to the most important stages of the world”, explains the curatorial text of the virtual exhibition which can be seen on the networks of the Chamber of Deputies @culturadiputados (Facebook and Instagram) starting today. And he highlights “this path that he traveled leaves us with a wonderful double inheritance. On the one hand, the wonderful classical and disruptive music of him at the same time as porteño and universal. On the other, an example of life and conviction. Because Piazzolla is revolution, nonconformity, he is kicking the board, he is taking charge of costs, criticism and marginalization. Piazzolla traced his path and pursued his dream. His music, his work and his enormous talent did the rest ”. The concerts will be in charge of the Chamber Orchestra of the National Congress, together with invited artists and musical groups.

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