Laura Escalada Piazzolla

Astor´s wife, Founder and President of the Astor Piazzolla Foundation.

“I had the gift and the fortune of being part of that man’s life, of having lived and seen the muses that came down to inspire him . I can say that Astor would never have imagined that it was going to be a hundred years since he was born and that they would remember him in this way. Once, one of those people who claim to see the future, told him that he would live to be eighty years old and that he saw him walking on a beach next to me. Obviously that man was wrong by much. He was wrong in age, but also because Astor passed eighty, ninety or one hundred years. He is a great man who has gone down in history as the most important musician in his country, forever and for the whole world .

I am going to leave this world with a pride that no one can take from me, with honor and with respect for myself and my memories. I was next to a genius. I am proud to have shared part of my life with a man that I admired. That took me from him, our experiences and the love that united us. For ever and ever I will love him, wherever he is ”.

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