Piazzolla continues to revolutionize Mexico

Astor Piazzolla had a very special relationship with the Mexican public. The tour that he did during August 1984 with his Quintet and Raúl Lavié, was a relevant milestone in his popularity. To such an extent that they had to change one of the performances that were held at the Teatro de las Bellas Artes and take it to a stadium. It was also in Mexico where he held the dialogues that gave rise to his book Astor with his daughter Diana, of which outstanding exchanges are part of the PiazzollaXAstor videos. Mexico has dedicated a postage stamp to him this year as a tribute to the centenary of his birth.

The week of the 31st, a series of tributes organized by Piazzolla100 with the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico, the San Lázaro Cultural Space, the General Library of the H. Congress of the Union and the Astor Piazzolla Foundation

  • Monday May 31st – Astor Piazzolla Conversation, life, work and destiny.  With the participation of Deputy Sergio Mayer Bretón, President of the Culture and Cinematiography Commission, Laura Escalada Piazzolla, President of the Astor Piazzolla Foundation, Daniel Villaflor Piazzolla, Vice President of the same Foundation and grandson of Astor and Carlos Kuri, author of the book Piazzolla , the limit music.
  • Tuesday June 1 – Special broadcast of Piazzolla by Astor, videos that review the life and work of Astor Piazzolla in a dialogue with his daughter Diana that took place precisely in Mexico City between 1983 and 1986.
  • Wednesday June 2 – Special transmission of the Colón Theater Gala that commemorated Astor Piazzolla’s 1983 Concert at that Theater.   In charge of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra, together with Conjunto Nuevo. Directed by Pedro Ignacio Calderón, who directed the 83 concert, two Astor musicians also participate: Enrique “Zurdo” Roizner on drums, Horacio Malvicino on Electric Guitar and Daniel Binelli, his solo bandoneonist.

Thursday June 3 – Interview with Héctor Infanzón, one of the most recognized Mexican jazz players and pianists who with his piano will offer an interpretation of what Astor Piazzolla’s music means today in Mexico and contemporary jazz.

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